Absolutely avoided password

  • The password should not be the same as the account name.
  • Please do not use personal data such as birthday, ID number, or English name.
  • Do not use simple combinations such as 1111, 1234, 123456, 2000, aaaa, abcdef, and abc123.
  • Passwords should not be left on paper or text files.

Should be avoided password

  • Avoid using English words or words such as iloveyou, superman, etc.
  • Avoid using numbers all.
  • Avoid consecutive numbers or sequences, such as nopqrs, 987654, and so on.

Better password principle

  • The longer the password, the better, and the shortest should be more than eight words.
  • The password has no obvious meaning.
  • The password must remember that a password that cannot be remembered by the user is meaningless.
  • A password that cannot be easily cracked should have at least:
    • An English lower case.
    • An English capital.
    • A number.
    • At least eight words.
    • There is no meaningful composition.

Some password setting tips

  • Use the Chinese input method keys as a password, for example, the password for the "password" is 5j4up。
  • In English a slang or lyrics, take each English word as a password.
  • Interspersed with two English words or numbers, for example: abcd + 1234 = a1b2c3d4, but the interleaving of two numbers is meaningless.
  • Displace the English alphabet by a few characters, for example: with forward shift three letters → tfqe.
  • The principle of self-improvement can be used in combination with the above, or you can customize the principles such as mirror printing and hiding.